Friday, February 1, 2013

3 Sofia stories

we were walking along Marshall Mesa in South Boulder, stopped to play in a den of fallen trees which made a little house Sofia named Honda Tree House. There we had a snack of snow crystals. Lucia loved eating the snow. As we lounged all around us funny little prairie dogs skittered about.

On the trail back home I was walking backward in front of Sofia, carrying Lucia on my shoulders. I said to Lucia, "look at Sofia with her blue and white polka dot Gwen Stefani coat and her white and blue striped scarf and her blue and white striped hat and her whale heart print pants and her big girl hiking boots."

Sofia turned her mouth down into a clown frown and said in a deep voice, "Look at that funny face."

Funny girl! I laughed so loud and booming I swear it echoed off the flatirons.

(By the way, I was thinking, someone should yarn bomb one of the flatiron tips, like a giant beanie.)

When we got home and I was putting Sofia down for a nap she said, "Dada, do you know what I love about you??

"No Sofia, what?"

"You give me a nap."

"Happy to oblige."

"Will you tell me a story?"

So then I told her a very short story. I like to tell her VERY short stories before nap. Today it was, "Once upon a time there was a peasant named Bertha. (I tell her peasant stories to help counteract all those precious 1 percenter princess stories out there.) Peasant Bertha was sad because she was ginormous, as big as a house. Bertha was crying about being so big. Her little tiny mother said, "now there there, dear, why are you so sad? Bertha said she was sad because she was too big to go anywhere. She was too big to fit in anyone's house. Her mother said, "That's okay, dear, when you are as big as you are, then everybody will come to you! Just wait, you'll see. Then, after awhile, everybody came and visited Bertha and she was happy again. The end."

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