Friday, March 31, 2017

Lucia's work poem. Genius.

Oh come ON!

Let's get to it

Let's do our work

Together you say

Let's get some work done

Come on! Don't be shy

Put that there, put this here

Let's be an engineer

Here, let's be like there

We're like engineers

Thursday, March 23, 2017

odd things


Sofia: A swan of polkadots

Lucia: A swan everybody is poking

Sofia: A red polar bear

Lucia: A red-brown polar bear

Sofia: Pink eyeballs

Lucia: Purple with red polkadot eyeballs

Sofia: A rain cloud that's green

Lucia: A rain cloud that's shaped like a car-bus

Sofia: A rubber ducky costume

Lucia: I'm combing your hair right now for reals right now

Adam: A hairbrush of lightning

Sofia: Frankenstein with a red dress

Adam: The bride of Frankenstein in overalls

Lucia: I'm combing your hair with an octopus comb that has 79 legs

Sofia: Hello Kitty's bottom of papier mache. Then we'll spank her and make her a pinata.
Lucia: I'm combing yours hair with the American Girl Doll brush.

Adam: A head of steam

Sofia: A polkadotted baby tongue


Sunday, March 12, 2017

it was a dream come true

I had just written "It was like a dream come true" to my fellow collaborators of Kith&Kin and my 6 year old daughter Sofia, who was reading over my shoulderl, said, "You should take out the "like." 

Such a smart girl.