Thursday, March 23, 2017

odd things


Sofia: A swan of polkadots

Lucia: A swan everybody is poking

Sofia: A red polar bear

Lucia: A red-brown polar bear

Sofia: Pink eyeballs

Lucia: Purple with red polkadot eyeballs

Sofia: A rain cloud that's green

Lucia: A rain cloud that's shaped like a car-bus

Sofia: A rubber ducky costume

Lucia: I'm combing your hair right now for reals right now

Adam: A hairbrush of lightning

Sofia: Frankenstein with a red dress

Adam: The bride of Frankenstein in overalls

Lucia: I'm combing your hair with an octopus comb that has 79 legs

Sofia: Hello Kitty's bottom of papier mache. Then we'll spank her and make her a pinata.
Lucia: I'm combing yours hair with the American Girl Doll brush.

Adam: A head of steam

Sofia: A polkadotted baby tongue


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