Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Banksy's Side When Going Up The Mountain

One day there was two girls who only sleeped for one year. And they loved to go on the mountain side together. And then they loved to get on a surfboard and swim on the surfboard. The they loved to put a lot of chapstick on. Then they wanted to go out on a river by ourselves but they couldn't because their mother said you can't go without us because its really really really really too far to go without us. Then they loved, loved to get on their surfboards. And they loved to surf on the same board. Calendula! Then they loved to go out on the desert by themselves. Then they loved to lick their tongue. Then they loved to get on top of owl's back. Then they love to kiss the bubbles, then they pop. Then they loved to catch the bubbles and then they didn't pop. Then they loved to, um, catch butterflies on their fingers. Then they loved loved loved loved robot's ears.  Because they find robot's ears. And they're really beautiful. They drop them on the sidewalk. Every sidewalk. Then they loved to stomp around while their sisters are sleeping.

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