Friday, August 22, 2014

Big day

So much happened today.

Here is small sample:

While car got safety inspection we walked to grocery store and got lunch, then 5 Below for $1 toys, giant frisbee, toothpick pinwheels, and picnic blanket w handle.

Then to guitar center to try out keyboards. Some great ones. There was a woman playing Chopin so beautifully I wanted to cry. Meanwhile Sofia was in the flow playing herself. She's ready. 

Then to children's playground in Flushing Meadows, amazing place, beautiful sounding musical instruments, massive jungle gyms, a creek. 

We stopped and did ALS challenge in the creek.

Then we played in little village. At one point I was kicking back on bus as Sofia and AnaLucia drove. A random little monster (boy) popped up in the bus' windshield and growled at the girls. Instead of being scared, The girls giggled and then both growled back at the 5-6 year old boy. The boy was startled. He tried to growl back but his power was gone. Yes!

I attribute the girl's bravery and scariness to their time in Monsters's University. They are good students. Sully and Mike would be proud.

Afterward we wandered into park and I fielded a call from Brice wondering what to do with his life. I tried to talk him into doing documentary portraits for hire. Market himself to interesting creative industry leaders. $10,000 plus travel expenses for a personal documentary portrait by a master videography artist. 1 month work; 1week prep, 2 shooting, 1 editing. Good idea I thought.

As I was talking on phone the girls wandered over to a social workers family picnic and asked for and of course received 2 giant bowls of fruit. Amazing manna from heaven.

Then off to the Hall of Science for lunch and more playing and learning.


Now both girls are sleeping in the car as I write this and listen to Bach hour on 89.9 FM.

Sofia's banana holder in playground restroom. Hmm

Coloring in park.


Rocket ride. 

A creek flows in Queens

Adventure Time

Nap time!

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