Saturday, October 4, 2014

The super power time of the 13 blackbirds. By Sofia

The 13 blackbirds ate some magic jumping beans and each got a special power. The first blackbird's power is that it can snatch a head off of you if you're being bad. The second blackbird's power is it is very fast flying. The third blackbird could read. The fourth blackbird could fly in loop de loops. Why the fifth one could dress up as anything it wanted too. The sixth one could turn into any shape it wanted, but it had to stay black. The seventh one could sleep in a human bed without messing it up. The eighth one could eat whatever it wanted to, even human food. The ninth one could blow bubble gum without popping it with its beak. And the bubble could last for a long time too. The 10th blackbird could draw without scribbling. The 11th blackbird could put its foot in paint and stomp it on paper. The 12th blackbird could talk. The 13th blackbird could do somersaults. The end.

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