Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

We did a fake ball drop countdown with the girls a couple hours early (using last year's on youtube,) then to bed and a long retelling of the Jack and the beanstalk story (this time Sofia thought Jack should have a "nose plunge" to guard against the smelly feet of the giant, a parachute in case he fell off the beanstalk and a mouse-suit so he could be in disguise.) The best thing about this story is that when Jack uses the magic harp to sing the giant to sleep I can usually get the girls to sleep too, singing "1,2,3 and A, B, C, go to sleep, giant, and dream you are free." Tonight it did the trick. Next year we'll wake up and do it again. Now it's time for peaceful drinking. Raise a glass to another revolution.

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