Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ulster county magic

this morning got all tense, because it was taking us forever to get out the door and we had an appointment to see a house for sale in Rosendale New York, the house that I can't afford, but just wanted to dream about because it backs up to the river and has a cabana. On the way to the house we got a call from the realtor saying there had been an offer accepted for the house that morning.  Even though the house was just a fantasy at this point, I still felt this disappointment. She said she was sorry, BUT, she told us as long as we were already on the road, there was a big festival in High Falls next to Rosendale, for the opening of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. That it would be perfect for the kids. I thought again about the way a disappointment can so often open up into something so much better.   I STILL could not shake the stress that I felt earlier from being late, my nerves were raw and irritable, even though I knew better, something else seem to be going on inside of me. I tried slowing my breathing, but it was like I was stuck in a mode and couldn't get out of it. But the breath work paid off and I began to ease into the music we were listening too in the car, Caspar Babypants, "Sing Along!" Just about then, on the side of the road we passed a yard sale. I spied a big beautiful globe on the lawn and so I pulled over, because Sofia has been wanting a globe for a while, but I have been holding off because they are expensive. I decided that if it was less than $10 I would buy it. There was a sign that said everything five dollars. Suddenly I felt as if we had stepped into the world. It was a beautiful old globe, with the patina of age on it. Probably from the school room in the 50s. There was no room for it in the trunk so I put it on Sofia's lap while singing, "she's got the whole world in her hands." We drove a little further and saw a Walmart on the left. One of our weekend goals was to get school supplies for the girls' first day of school next week. Walmart is the cheapest and best place to do it. So we stopped there and I was thinking how perfect we got a globe and then school supplies, the package school deal. We have a huge specific list from the school, and found everything we needed plus A few variations of the school uniform of blue pants and white shirt, plus a six pack of blueberry ale. Somehow all for less than a C-note. There was a moment standing in Walmart where I went into a samadhi state, everything perfect and good, just a state, One which is surprisingly difficult to reach, especially in this world of busyness and horror at every corner. So simple when you are there. Now I am at the sanctuary and High Falls They take farm animals and let them live out their lives. The guy that helped us park told us the pigs, when they are allowed to live out their life, grow up to 1000 pounds. Wow. This was another stroke of serendipity because we are reading Charlotte's Web right now. Some pig! As I write this I am standing in line for food at a vegetarian food booth called Monk's Meats (seitan sandwiches. Monks for seitan!) There is a band playing behind me, an indie band called beaitiful small machines, and they are doing a bluegrassy cover of MiA's paper airplanes. It is hot, my skin is burning. trying to shave my legs in the shape of the person behind me.Everybody seems weird and fantastic here. Of which I would have known about the real estate agent had not given us the tip. Now I'm sitting along to you and Caroline know where.

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