Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I'm on the bus, on the way to Maryland theater. I little girl name Afra says as we are getting on the bus, "I have 2 talents."

 "oh yeah, where are they? 

"Drawing and being inside my body."

She's knew she was going to be great.

This is kind of meditation class class. I have to use said.

Did anyone catch this American life show this week? Daughter is trying to get his attention, she's at that stage where she's asking 1 million questions. Your dad is busy writing and tells her to compile all her questions together so you can answer them all at once. So she makes a long list and includes questions like what is love what is time and why why are we here etc. The dad thinks about it really hard and takes three years to come up with these answers, long winded essays call of "Tatian's by esoteric philosophers. The reporter asked the daughter about her questions and the daughter said she didn't really care about the answers, she just wanted to have a conversation with her father. Which reminds me a little bit of Ron Padgett's poem in Patterson. This is my memory translation.

Another One 

It's cool you learn about 

the first second third dimension 

A shoebox

Then you come to find out about the fourth dimension.


And then fifth sixth seventh. 

I look down at my beer and smile.

Which reminds me of my best poem on ever, chocolate milk

Interview sheet yesterday, I have to really exist she said because God exist. We were never going to that. Big smile. I asked her why God exists. She said, oh, you're asking me the hard ones! I said just give me your best guess. Why does God exist? She said, because mommies exist.

Interview with Lucia: 


Not why did the chicken why was the chicken late for supper. Because he would pick checking on his walk. Fynn

Who that banana banana banana banana Nana that's funny orange orange you glad I didn't say banana why are cows get a map fly  built in cow cool culaor 

Yr an adult, alfalfa slower when they moo

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