Friday, January 3, 2014

story time

Sofia was excited to perform a song for her grandparents and cousins, but when it came time to do it she became shy and froze.

Later as she was going to bed I told her a bed time story about a little plane that was flying just fine by itself, but when it came time to fly in front of the big planes the little plane became shy and froze and then began to nose-dive down to the ground. The other planes quickly flew down underneath her and caught her just in time. They lifted her back up to the heavens on their backs. Once she was ready to fly on her own again they let her go. She flew and was so happy to be flying again she did a loop de loop. All the planes applauded and were proud. The end.

Sofia asked me to tell her another story, a super awesome one this time.

Wasn't that one super awesome enough?

She said, yeahhh. But tell me a really really super awesome one.


So I told her the story of the blue guitar that loved to play for big crowds, but felt lonely up on stage by herself. The blue guitar went and looked for a friend to play with. She found a red drum just hanging out on the corner and playing by herself. She listened and liked what she heard.

She said, in guitar language, bwa bwa bwa. Translation: do you want to play some music with me?

The drum said, bap bap a boom bop a bippipity boppity boom. Translation: I've been hoping somebody would ask me that all day.

So they played music together and had fun. Pretty soon some people heard them play and came over to watch. A little girl in the crowd named Sofia asked if she could join their group. The guitar said, bwa bwa bwa, and the drum said, bop bap boom! Translation: Yes, we really need a singer!

Sofia sang her big mash up hit, "On the good ship lollipop goes the weasel."

The people clapped and were happy. Someone in the crowd shouted what do you call your band?

The red guitar looked at the others and said how about The Wa Wa Was.

The blue drum that's good, but I was thinking we should call it The Bee Bim Bops?

Sofia said, I love that name too, but I think we should call our band the Yo Yo Yos."

Everybody liked that idea.

Then the band went on a sold-out tour of Europe.

The end.

I asked Sofia if that was a super awesome enough story and she said yeah.

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