Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review of Brooklyn Children's Museum

The Brooklyn children's museum is such a fun place to take toddlers on a day too cold for the park. Both my four and two-year-old could stay engaged here for days. Me too.

Making masks, stringing beads, making Stainglass windows, designing bedrooms, Sailing ancient wooden boats, beating on carved logs, creating soundscapes, learning dances and on and on and on.

They have one of the most elaborate block collections anywhere, and instructions (if you wish) on how to turn them into fantastic things. We made a castle inside a museum after a book we've been reading. (Have you read "the girl who lived in the castle inside the museum?" My girls love it.)

One of my personal favorite exhibits at BCM is a 19th century style cabinet of curiosities featuring many exotic wonders behind glass. There  are computers set up at the periphery where you can learn about the objects inside the giant cabinet. And pads of paper too should you wish to draw them or take notes.
(Just listened to a show today on Lapham's Quarterly podcast, about a famous cabinet of curiosities, so this was a bonus for me.)

I am writing (dictating) this review while stuck in the The Hasidic part of Williamsburg. This is the most congested traffic of our drive from Queens to the Brooklyn Children's Museum, but I don't  mind going slow through here because I am enamored with the Hasidic fashion. One more curiosity in the great cabinet.

Making masks

Pretending to be a priest
The future

starting the castle

Williamsburg, the Hasidic side

Gourd art

stainglass layout
ride home

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