Sunday, October 25, 2015

bedtime story
Sofia: Can you answer it on your phone?

Dada: what?

S: ask Siri if mummies are real?
D: (singing) Are mummies real I want to know
I want to ask a mummy if she is real.
If I could find a mummy,
I would like to ask a mummy.
Maybe I could ask mommy
if she knows a mummy?
Do you think Mommy knows a mummy?
Maybe mommy knows a mummy.
Mommy knows a mummy. Maybe.
if she doesn't
I'll have to ask a...

S: a wasn't

D: a wasn't!
Only a wasn't would know
wouldn't he
or she
or nobody.
Is a mummy real?
How about you
Are you a mummy,
little bunny?
How about you
are you a mummy,
cute little bunny
wrapped up in your sheet
S: Are you talking to me?
D: Talking to you.
Lucia: No, I'm a bunny!
D: (singing) Are you a bunny too,
little mummy?
Are you a little mummy bunny
in your little bunny sack?
In your mummy sack?
All the mummies all the mummies
sing so funny
they sing inside their sheets
so sweetly
They sing so real
I think it's true,
they're real.
Don't you?
S: Only in Egypt, right?
D: Is that true,
little bunny mummy?
I think
Mummies are everywhere now.
Once upon a time they only lived there
in Egypt
under pyramids
in a pyramid scheme
to live forever
wrapped up for the afterlife
but now they're here in our culture, and the're alive!
They're everywhere, even in Hotel Transylvania
S: I think I know what mummies are.
I actually do!
D: What are they?
S: They are dead people who are wrapped in bandages. But as a costume you would wrap yourself in toilet paper and tape it onto you.
D: (singing) Wrap your self up in toiliet paper if you wanna be a mummy that's what you do
S: and you paint your face black
D: (singing) You paint your face black
S: Faybe i'll go trick or treaigng or maybe i won't. I'm thinking maybe if I don't go trick or treating I could become a mommy. And I'll have my face painted so I don't need the toilet paper around my eyes.
(oooh hooooh)
S: yeah, you know
D: (singing) Are you going to be a mummy for hallwoeen? that would be funny,
all wrapped up in toilet paper like a poo. Ooooh
A funny mummy
that would scare you-know-who...
Candace. She's deathly afraid of mummies.
S: There's actually a Phineas and Ferb
where Candace is a mummy,
and she's actually wrapped up in toilet paper.
Dada: Ooooh hooo. You're a funny, fumbly, foamy, gloamy, glummy, gummy gloomy mummy. Ooooh hooo. You're a whammy, bammy, slimy, boomy, balmy, mumbly, family mummy..
S: Would you please look up on your phone if mummies are real? I was really looking forward to it.
D: I know the answer to that question.
S: What?
D: They both are real and aren't real.
S: How do you know?

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