Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dec. 31

to the lobby, because I remember that in the lobby there is a Rist piece called, "nothing", a machine which, every ten minutes, blows bubbles full of smoke into the lobby. So we wait around, for "nothing," and when it comes, wrapped in a luminescent bubble we all just watch in wonder, an event! Nice one, Pippilota. 

We decided to go to Children's Museum of the Arts instead. We walk up Spring Street. Soho is one of the best places in the world to window shop. We saw a display at Papyrus of dozens of incredible wooden music boxes spinning around on a display. We watched tehm for 15 monutes.  

Stop to get tea at T2. Free samples. The new museum is too full so we there is a long line. So we just go into the lobby and look at the machine called nothing. 

We leave and pass a toy store papyrus, look at the music box mobile's for 15 minutes.

Pass a bath store and all the girls get rocksalt rocksalt skin treatment to make their skin soft.

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