Saturday, December 17, 2016


The way my brain works, like a maze. Sofia showed me this maze she got from a birthday party gift bag. Look Dad, there's a giraffe and an alligator on this maze." I asked, "Why do you think they put a giraffe and an alligator on a maze?" "I don't know." "Maybe because the question that leads to the center of the maze is: would you rather be a kind giraffe, the animal with the largest heart of any land mammal? Or the cold-hearted alligator, laying in wait for his prey, the giraffe?" Sofia said, "That's a tough one." I said, "Yes, it is, a tough question that in some form or another you will be asking for the rest of your life. I think the answer, at the center of the maze, is to be a giraffe that stays as far away from the river as is giraffely possible." "But you what if you have to get a drink of water?" "Then try to find a secret source for water, like a rain barrel."

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